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Buttons Galore is the #1 online destination for unique embellishments for crafts. Come explore our wide range of beautiful embellishments. Our products include crystal embellishments, wooden embellishments, polymer clay, rhinestones, pearl embellishments and much more to be used for card making, paper crafts and general crafts.
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Hey Crafters,

Welcome to the wonderful world of buttons and craft embellishments. With Buttons Galore & More, you can be sure there is something special in store for every crafter! From buttons to crafting embellishments we have got something special for all your creative needs. You will love our wide selection of Christmas buttons and other holiday embellishments....

Some of the most frequently asked questions from our Crafters:

  1. Do you have more than buttons?

    We sure do!! Our embellishment collection also includes Sparkletz, Shimmerz, Sprinkletz multicolour craft embellishments, beads/sequins, unique embellishment mixes, shakers mixes in cubes, and sequins in cellos and tins. These embellishments are sure to add sparkle to your designs, garments and crafts. Don't see what you need? Just head over to contact info and send us a message. Our team is very responsive! 😊

  2. What about the quality of these buttons?

    Our products are of excellent quality and are strong, sturdy, and durable. Over the years, we have many loyal customers, and we proudly say, providing quality buttons and embellishments is one of our hallmarks! We understand your concerns and are always eager to hear your feedback 😊

  3. Which category of embellishments do you recommend for Christmas crafting?

    We have an extensive collection of Christmas buttons, so that would be a good place to start.

    Here at Buttons Galore, we love Christmas crafts, so each of our embellishment categories includes a Christmas collection.

    Check out the collection and use them as perfect embellishments for crafts, cards and more.

    Our popular Sprinkletz, Sparkletz, Shimmerz, and Doo Dads are perfect for adorning scrapbook pages, greeting cards, postcards, photo frames, and much more. Our wide variety of embellishments offers you infinite possibilities to create the best DIY crafts to decorate your home.

    You can also choose our bright and attractive button embellishment kits to decorate the most mundane items and give them a perfect makeover. Our perfectly coordinated mix of sequins and seed beads are fun to apply on different kinds of garments and crafts for decoration.

  4. What is the best way to store these beautiful buttons?

    Many of our buttons and embellishments come in plastic bottles, tins, plastic boxes and other packaging that can easily double as storage containers.

    What are you waiting for? Explore the "Creative You"!

    Check out our colourful buttons from Buttons Galore and More, and create some of the unique projects.