Fall Theme Buttons

Use them to accent greeting cards, scrapbook pages, mixed media, home decor and apparel. Easily glued or sewn on to almost any surface.While we do our best to provide exactly what is shown in the picture, occasionally we may have to substitute a button or embellishment that is out of stock with another similar button of equal value.

Pumpkin Patch - 4620 - Buttons Galore and More
Autumn Leaves - 4619 - Buttons Galore and More
Sunflowers - 4624 - Buttons Galore and More
Falling Leaves-4618 - Buttons Galore and More
Pumpkin Pickin' - 4631 - Buttons Galore and More
Autumn Blossoms - Buttons Galore and More
Sunflower Garden - 4630 - Buttons Galore and More

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