Grab Bags

Buttons Galore Grab Bags provide a great value in a variety of color combinations.  All Grab Bags are packed in poly zip lock bags. The Great Grab Bag comes in a 6" x 6" size bag and all others are packed in a 4" x 6" bag. Button Grab Bags feature a variety of sizes and styles and are carefully dyed and packaged in our New Jersey, USA facility.

How many buttons? Because we package by weight, we cannot guarantee the number of buttons in each pack. The total number of buttons will vary from pack to pack. The size of the buttons will range from 3/8" to 1 1/4".

20 results
500 Piece Mini Flat Backs
Great Grab Bag - GB100
Autumn Grab Bag - GB137
Big Red Grab Bag - GB135
Camouflage Grab Bag - GB134
Cappuccino Grab Bag - GB138
Citrus Splash Grab Bag - GB126
Fancy Gold Grab Bag - GB102
Ice Storm Grab Bag - GB128
Mardi Gras Grab Bag - GB127
Mixed Color Grab Bag - GB103
Pastel Grab Bag - GB116
Primary Grab Bag - GB113
Spring Blossom Grab Bag - GB129
Spring Breeze - GB140
Sugarplum Grab Bag - GB136
Country Christmas Grab Bag - GB133
Santa's Grab Bag - GB117
300 Piece Embellishment Pack
Natural Grab Bag - GB104
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