Button Basics

This fun collection of color assortments are packed in crystal clear "candy bags" and include at least 5.5 ounces of hand dyed buttons. Made of polyester plastic and of garment quality, Button Basics feature a variety of sizes and styles and are carefully dyed and packaged in our New Jersey, USA facility.

How many buttons? Because we package by weight, we cannot guarantee the number of buttons in each pack. The total number of buttons will vary from pack to pack. The size of the buttons will range from 3/8" to 1 1/4".

38 results
Black & White - BCB154
Blueberry - BCB120
Blush - BCB107
Bohemian Style - BCB132
Bright Mix - BCB150
Butterscotch - BCB114
Candy Apple Green - BCB101
Carnival Orange - BCB118
Chocolate Brown - BCB112
Contemporary Christmas - BCB153
Cool Winter - BCB131
Cotton Candy - BCB122
Deep Blue Sea - BCB121
Fairy Tale - BCB126
Fall Festival - BCB128
Grape Juice - BCB109
Only 3 left!
Kelly Green - BCB100
Lavender - BCB108
Lemon Yellow - BCB102
Licorice - BCB105
Navy - BCB115
Outlandish Orange - BCB103
Party Time - BCB133
Patriotic Mix - BCB151
Pet Store - BCB127
Real Raspberry - BCB119
Red Hot - BCB116
Sangria - BCB123
Silver Grey - BCB117
Sky Blue - BCB104
Sweetheart - BCB155
Tan - BCB113
Tan - BCB113
Traditional Christmas - BCB152
Trick or Treat - BCB129
Watermelon - BCB106
White Wash - BCB111

38 results

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