Baby Hugs

Our highest quality buttons. These very detailed buttons are put through a special finishing process, assuring their superior quality and appearance.

Each of these buttons are shank back. Simply attach to using thread or twine or remove the shank using the Buttons Galore Craft Cutter and glue into any surface.
18 results
Sweet Baby Girl - BH100
Sweet Dreams - BH102
Lullaby - BH103
Nursery Time - BH104
Wee Ones - BH105
Little Baby Boy - BH101
Baby Blocks - BH124
Ducky - BH121
Babys Friends - BH126
Baby Booties - BH130
Binky - BH131
Diaper Pins - BH125
Nighty Nite - BH129
Froggy - BH120
Sheep - BH122
Sleep Tight - Girl - BH127
Sleep Tight - Boy - BH128
Onesie - BH123
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