Cupcake Picture Holder

Cupcake Picture Holder

Bryn O’Reilly


Get ready to embark on a delightful crafting journey as we create a charming Cupcake Picture Holder! This sweet project is not only a treat for your creative senses but also a fantastic way to showcase your favorite memories. Let's dive into the step-by-step process and add a touch of sweetness to your decor.

Step 1: Prepping the Base

Open up your cupcake supplies and give all the MDF pieces a base coat of acrylic. Setting the stage for the deliciousness to come!

Step 2: Creating the Cupcake Liner

Paint the bottom part of the main cupcake shape with luscious gold acrylic to form the liner. After it's dry, add exclusive beads from the bead bottle in our newest BGM Box, the Celebrate Box. Seal the deal with jewel glue, shake off the excess, and let the magic dry.

Step 3: Decorating the Icing

For the separate cupcake icing, add a layer of glitter acrylic for that extra sparkle. Glue buttons in rows, creating a dazzling rainbow effect. Sprinkle in some Birthday Bling DooDadz and fill in gaps with jewel glue dots, topped off with sprinkle embellishments from the Sonic Boom Mix Upz. Shake off the excess and let the sparkle set in.

Step 4: Glamming Up the Sides

Give the sides a touch of glam with glitter acrylic paint, ensuring your cupcake shines from every angle.

Step 5: Sweet Heart Embellishment

Adorn the small heart with purple Birthday Bling DooDadz and a mix of the exclusive purple beads for a lovely touch.

Step 6: Adding Texture

Once the cupcake liner is dry, introduce white stars from the Sonic Boom Mix Upz and more Birthday Bling DooDadz to add delightful texture.

Step 7: Assembly and Final Touches

Let everything curate for 24 hours, then assemble the cupcake using clear Gorilla Glue. Drill a small hole on top, insert a card holder wire, and finish it off with a light acrylic sealer. Want a candle holder instead? Drill a larger hole on top, add a candle, and let the cupcake glow!

The abundance of embellishments and buttons in the BGM Box provides endless creative choices for decorating this sweet cupcake. Happy crafting!