Red Nosed Reindeer Shaker Wall Hanging

Transform Reindeer Home Decor Into A Fun Festive Shaker

I saw an adorable unfinished Christmas DIY piece recently at Hobby Lobby that just had to come home with me.

It's a pretty substantial piece measuring over 14 inches long and 12 inches wide - perfectly sized for the front door. Ahhhhh that red nose would be perfect as a large shaker using mix from Buttons Galore/ 28 Lilac Lane .

The main point of the post is to get folks thinking of shakers as fun home decor pieces through easy alterations. The possibilities are endless once you start looking.

The image below shows the transformation.

The painting started. After the paint dried, I have to be honest and tell you I wasn't really satisfied because it was, flat, dull and unexciting. I decided to add crackle texture paste mixed with brown paint to the face. I really liked the transformation.Ranger TEXTURE PASTE OPAQUE CRACKLE 4oz INK57505

The Shaker Nose

The shaker nose came to life because of the cool buttons, sequins and bead mixes at Buttons Galore/ 28 Lilac Lane. I used  Buttons Galore/ 28 Lilac Lane -Country Christmas Embellishment kit. This mix is cool because it has evergreen tree sequins added in that bring a touch of green to his nose.  

Once I had the idea in mind, I started looking for clear containers/options large enough for the shaker nose.  

I came across the Bead Caddy-Round, Clear, Acrylic container (image below). You can get these at craft stores where beads are sold. I added card stock to the base of the round clear container and glued to my project.

It's those little details that can make a project look effortless and finished. After gluing the shaker to the nose, I finished the piece with some jute and cording glued into place to hide seams.The eyes are made from foam colored with brown ink and topped with a white button taken from Buttons Galore's Buttons Galore -Frosty Morning -Embellishment Bottles.

Finishing Touches
Redand black Buffalo print is very popular this season.  I made a bow forthe antlers and embellished with a few more buttons and floralberries.  

The large red button is from the Country Christmas Embellishment kit shaker mix. I also added a sweet
3D Button