Haunted Halloween Shaker Journal Book - Buttons Galore and More

Haunted Halloween Shaker Journal Book

Bryn O’Reilly

Today I have a haunted mixed media shaker journal created from a thrift store find—a hideous burlap-covered journal. It was such a homely find, passed over by so many and just waiting for me to grab it and give it a ghouling makeover.

It's amazing to see how paint and chipboard can transform things! Of course, I made my own personal witches brew of my favorite items from Buttons Galore and More, past and present. My mix included a pinch of Creepy Sparkletz that you can still get on the site [and it happens to be on sale!]

I also used a Halloween Chipboard set from Creative Embellishments for the witch, haunted house, and witches cauldron. You can use them all at once or split them up into multiple projects- your choice.

Final Project by Jennifer Snyder: 


• Add fabric texture to the outside of the journal with glue and let dry.

• Paint the journal and all the chipboard pieces with black acrylic paint. 

• Add some color to make the different chipboard pieces pop. I used green, purple and orange.

• Fill the shaker circle with the embellishments of your choice, and seal it.

Check out Buttons Galore Halloween Embellishments

• Glue all of the pieces into place and let dry. 

• Thickly apply gel medium to the foreground of your design and sprinkle with additional embellishments.


Be sure to tag @buttonsgalore on your shaker journal creation! Have a Happy Halloween.