DIY Spooky Phone Pop Grip - Buttons Galore and More

DIY Spooky Phone Pop Grip

Bryn O’Reilly

Our October Buttons Galore and More guest designer, Ivy, has created this cute shaker pop grip for her phone and is sharing this versatile inspo with us!

The shaker mix inside was created by using items from our Shimmerz and DooDadz collections. She specifically used Desert Sky and Polar Wind paired with a crescent shaker die for her Halloween DIY grip.

Final Project:

By switching out the shaker die to match whatever theme you are going for, and changing up the shaker mix used inside & to embellish the edges of the die, you can create a pop grip for any occasion or season!

Project Tip: Use an old Pop Socket as a base to create a custom design!


Tag us @buttonsgalore on your DIY phone pop grips!