Candy Store - BB52
Candy Store - BB52Candy Store - BB52Candy Store - BB52

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Our buttons make the perfect embellishment for all types of DIY craft & sewing projects. Sold in a 1/2 pound quantity, these hand-dyed buttons are uniquely packaged in re-closeable plastic pouches. The button variety features 2 and 4 hole sew through types with assorted finishes and ranges in size from 1/4" to 1". How many buttons? Because we measure by weight, we cannot guarantee the number of buttons you will receive. Our best estimate is about 250 - 300 buttons.


  • Qty:    1/2 lb, Approx. 300 Buttons
  • Type:   2 and 4 Hole
  • Size:   3/8" - 1"

Add a unique touch to clothing, scrapbook pages and just about any other DIY sewing or craft project with our Button Bonanza Candy Store craft and sewing buttons.


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