Celtic Shaker Card - Buttons Galore and More

Celtic Shaker Card

Bryn O’Reilly


St.Patrick's Day is getting ever so close— with a little luck, you can still get some crafting in! This card is made with unique chipboard shaker elements; these can be painted or stamped to add a little color, but for this project, we kept it the wood texture. 

Scroll to the bottom to see what products we used for the shaker filling! 



Tips and Techniques for DIY Shamrock:

The DIY Shamrocks are rather simple and adorable when clustered together on a card. Add foam dots behind for volume, ink the edges, finish with a pretty accent crystal and you've got a gem of a card.


Shaker Filler Mix:

The mix is what makes shaker cards magical. This project used Lucky Charmz Sparkletz from Buttons Galore, a festive blend of sequins, beads, crystals and shapes perfect for St.Patrick's Day crafts. A few of the little charms were used to adorn the card itself for a little extra shimmer.



The card also has a few 3D glitter Shamrocks mixed into the clusters for a bit of luck (and glitz). These are shank buttons but very easy to snip the back off and glue to any surface you desire.


A Final Close-Up: