Each product in this sparkling line consists of several carefully selected components that coordinate perfectly with one another.The core component is shimmering iridescent gemstones in various sizes and shapes. Buttons Galore dyes each gemstone to match the particular color palette. From there, the make up of each item varies and can include flat back pearls, clear round drops, confetti shapes, sequins and other embellishments.
56 results
Starry Sky Sparkletz
Crystal Stars Sparkletz
Love Hearts Sparkletz
Red Hearts Sparkletz
Crystal Hearts Sparkletz
Ice - SPK114
Ice - SPK114
Rainbow Sparkletz
Sailor's Sky Sparkletz
Coconut Palms Sparkletz
Sea Level Sparkletz
Aquamarine Sparkletz
Jellyfish Sparkletz
Aloha Sparkletz
Island Breeze Sparkletz
Salt Water Sparkletz
Mermaid Sparkletz
Ocean Waves Sparkletz
Cactus Sparkletz
Barefoot Beach Sparkletz
Coral Coast Sparkletz

56 results