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Welcome to the Wild West Saloon - DIY Vignette

Alex FestSep 1, '20

Welcome to the Wild West  Saloon


Today, I'm presenting a DIY Wild West Saloon  vignette.  


Last year my husband and I took our first trip  out west to visit our children living in Colorado.  My son took us to the  historic gold mining and gambling town of Cripple Creek, Colorado - population  1,287. We loved the rustic western setting. 


Sadly, we had to miss our trip out west this  summer - like so many other people locked down at home, Since I couldn't go out  west this year, I thought I'd pull out the Authentique Manly collection, Creative  Embellishments chipboard pieces, Julie Nutting's dolls stamps, and fun  bling by Buttons Galore and set to work making my version of an  old Wild West Saloon using Cripple Creek as my  inspiration.    


Imagine my saloon here... (cue the Twilight  Zone theme song please)

The inspiration came from two sources: Creative  Embellishments - chipboard House Vignette and 

Authentique's Manly paper collection.


I'm totally in love with the Creative  Embellishments - chipboard House Vignette for its versatility.  It  can be turned into almost anything you can image.   Creative  Embellishments has accompanying chipboard pieces to help make your vision  "come to life".   


What inspired this creative thought process?  The Authentique Manly collection, complete with rugged images and strong  patterned papers, particularly the rich brick and wood patterned  papers.  

Here are the  individual papers used from the 

Authentique Manly  collection:

Here  are some other scenes I have made using the House Vignette form Creative  Embellishment: 

Here are some angled shots of the  saloon. 

You can see how the papers are perfect for the  walls and outside of the old western saloon. 

The Authentique - Manly - 6 x 6 Paper Pad  was used for the clothing on the doll stamp - yep, from cowboy hat to her  cowboy boots, she's dressed in Authentique. 



The "Wanted Posters" of cowboys are  from the wonderful images in the 6x6 paper pad.  The playing cards and  dice on the bar are from Authentique Paper - Manly Collection - Elements.

Here's an image of  the saloon in the early phases of the process. I shared this image because the  "B" 

side of Authentique's     Brick patterned sheet is a lush  blue subtle pattern used on the ceiling, bar and side walls. 

I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about the Creative  Embellishments - House Vignette and all the chipboard accessories that  helped shape my Wild West Saloon.  


 I used a variety of Creative Embellishments chipboard  pieces and gussied up with inks, paint washes (acrylic paint thinned with  water), and heat embossing - nothing complex or overly fancy.   

In addition to the House  Vignette, here are the other pieces used:

Creative Embellishments - Cowboy Set 

Creative Embellishments - Barrels

Creative Embellishments - Saloon Doors

Creative Embellishments - Brick Pieces 

Creative Embellishments - Dollhouse Slate Shingles

Creative Embellishments - Wagon Wheels

Creative Embellishments - Lacy Border

I kept  all the finishes simple.  The worn, dusty rugged look on the Saloon  Doors, rope, wanted sign and animal skull was created using an acrylic wash  (white acrylic paint thinned with water) and dabbed onto the chipboard with asea sponge.  

The other chipboard pieces were either  enhanced using inks or were heat embossed such as the rings on the Barrels and  the Lacy Border used as the back splash of the bar.  

The Creative  Embellishments - Dollhouse Slate Shingles complete the weathered rustic  look.  They have been finished with a combo of ink and super light dabs ofacrylic whitewash (white acrylic paint thinned with water).  

The shingles originally were just inked brown.  I  photographed the saloon for the blog post and realized the shingles looked flat  and uninteresting.  That's when I decided to add some black ink here and there  along with light dabs of the white acrylic.  

Next up, meet the Saloon owner and her best  friend.  These are both classic doll stamps from Prima and Julie Nutting  (Becky 910457 and Dog Treats 910846) - you'll need to scour the internet for  these gems if not in your stash.  


Becky's layered skirt was made by stamping  several layers of patterned paper from Authentique - Manly - 6 x 6 PaperPad, to give her dimension.  I have given her and her dog a base to  be free-standing as well. 


 Below are tips on making a standing base  for the doll stamp figures. 

Here are some  additional images of the saloon, including one of Becky, the cowgirl proprietor,  showing off the fabulous brick structure she proudly calls her saloon.  

Becky has some jewel accents on her hat and  vest from Buttons Galore's Buttons Galore Doo Dadz - Caribbean Sea . The dog has a jewel in his collar.  This is also from the new collection  of 

 Doo Dadz called Merry  Mimosa .


The bottles on the bar are filled with shaker  mix from Buttons Galore and More. The red mix is  their new  Doo Dadz - Merry Mimosa mix. The poker chips on the bar are Buttons Galore Doo Dadz- Cool Yule.  

Here are some  additional images of the saloon and of Becky, the cowgirl proprietor. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!  Now giddy up and get crafting!