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The Complete Guide to Understand Buttons and Their Types

Daniel HagenmanDec 5, '20

Buttons can make a great style statement. The right buttons, when stitched to the right kind of garment, elevates the overall aesthetic appeal and value of the garment. So, let's get into the different types of buttons.


Toggles are the most beloved buttons among people. These wooden buttons are often fitted on to duffle coats. They go well with the rugged design of a duffle coat. Also, the wooden exterior gives the button its strength and durability, which a plastic button would not be able to provide. Toggles serve the purpose of the coat wonderfully well thanks to their design and the wooden material used in manufacturing them.

Sew Through Buttons

Sew through are the most commonly used type of buttons. They either contain four holes or two holes in the middle, with the help of which the buttons are stitched onto the clothes. Flat buttons have the most versatile applications around the world. You will predominantly find them in almost all kinds of shirts and trousers. They are a perfect fit for thin and light garments. They are durable and provide the necessary protection. However, they are not well-suited for any kind of heavy garments, like coats and jackets.

Shank Buttons

A shank button has a small hole or loop at its back rather than the center. The shank button is then sewed into the cloth through this loop. Shank buttons sometimes also contain a raised portion at the back containing the hole. This type of button is best used when you desire to give a raised appearance to your buttons.

Unlike flat buttons, the shank buttons don't lay flat on the cloth. Instead, they stand out on the garment, giving it an elegant look. Sewing a shank button is different from sewing a flat button. However, with some practice, one can sew a shank button perfectly into place. You can buy buttons for sewing from the best online button store.

Novelty Buttons

Novelty buttons come in thousands of different shapes and designs. They can be used on garments but are more commonly used for crafts.  Novelty buttons can be found in different types of designs and colors. Every personality can find a piece of themselves in the novelty buttons.

This is the complete guide to understanding the different types of buttons along with their functions and applications. You can now buy buttons online from the best online button store.