MINI Tutorial: Winter Wonderland Card

Our designer Bre, used one of our newest products PEARLZ to bedazzle her Winter Wonderland Card!

Bre Says: “I haven't made a square  card in a while, so I thought I would break out a square card base from my  stash. I used 2 Tim Holtz dies to die cut all the pieces on this card. I  created 2 snowbanks for the background and for my pink trees to sit on. To make  the two stand out from each other and the card base, I used distress oxide in  weathered wood to go over the top of the banks. I made the trees pink and made  the snow on the trees gold, just to add more color and character to the card. I  added a pink button to the ice-skating silhouette's hat  and put the winter wonderland sentiment over the trees, in the center of the  card. I finished the card off with pink/blue/white  blended pearlz above the snowbanks on both left and right of the card, to  act as snow!”

Thank you Bre, for this wonderfully inspiring card!

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