MINI Tutorial: Sending Wishes-DIY Card


Our lovely designer, Tara, created this adorable card! This is perfect to send to someone you miss, as a  just because, or for a late Valentine’s Day card!

Tara says: “This card was  created for a friend that I really miss right now and I thought I'd send her a  hug in the mail.  I started with two card front cut files from my  Silhouette Library.  I wanted to create the illusion of a shaker card by  layering cardstock and card fronts.  I added some sequins from LL101 and LL529  to some glaze and mixed them.  I spread those onto my first card front and  allowed it too fully dry.  Once dry, I added a second card front right on  top. I added my stamped image and sentiment, then embellished with some  buttons, flat beads and a heart from LL529.”


Thank you for sharing this with  us Tara!

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