MINI Tutorial: Scrapbook Layout with Shaker Element

Our deigner, Tara O’Rourke made this beautiful  scrapbook layout, and added the element of a shaker!


Tara says: “I  am a scrapbooker at heart.  It's my first love and I really like to  incorporate the 28 Lilac Lane mixes into my pages.  This layout features a  large title with a shaker element.  I used a cut file from my Silhouette  Design Store and rearranged it to suit my needs.  After cutting the file  with my Cameo, I used a paper piercer to poke holes around each letter and the  heart so that I could hand-stitch around them.  I created the shaker with  the heart by using a layer of tulle between the white cardstock and my  patterned paper behind it.  I filled it with LL544  Ann's  Quilt and then finished stitching the heart closed.  It's a  quite simple shaker and so pretty!  Ann'sQuilt is actually one of my favorite mixes because I love turquoise and red  together!”


Thanks  for sharing this Tara! We love how it turned out!

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