MINI Tutorial: Mermaid Shaker Card

One  of our guest designers, Justin, made the most magical mermaid card!

Justin  Says: “I have really found a love for ink blending underwater scenes, as I find  blues and greens so calming to work with. I decided to make a shaker card using  a super fun mermaid that I colored up with Copic Markers, and I also gave her a  fantastic blue to lime green hair ombre! I decided to use the Peacock  Feathers Premium Sequins as my shaker elements. Even though the mix  contains feather shapes, I felt like this mix just gave that perfect  underwater/seaweed vibe that I was looking for! To give the card a little bit  more embellishment, I used the button pieces from the Midwinter  Night Shaker Mix, adhering them throughout the card base! I just love how  these 2 products work together, to really amp up that underwater feeling I was  going for!”



Thank  you, Justin for this bright & unique shaker card!

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