MINI Tutorial: Lucky in Love Lollipop Holder

WOW! These  shaker lollipop holders are both adorable & fun! Our designer Bre created these perfect for Valentine’s day treat holders!

Bre says: “I  used a die to die cut the lollipop holder out of patterned paper. I used green  glitter cardstock to die cut a scallop heart and created a shaker using a  couple of heart dies. For the shaker, I created a sequin mix  from  a  Valentines  and 

St.Patrick’s set. I finished the lollipop holder with a lucky in love  sticker  and closed it up with 1/4 in. pink satin ribbon.”

Super cute and  incorporates TWO holidays?! LOVE it!

Thank you Bre  for another holiday duo craft. This is a great reminder that you can always use  the extra things that you already have left over, from past or future projects.You just need to get creative!

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