MINI Tutorial: I Miss You A Latte-DIY Card with Buttons

Our  guest designer, Justin, created this adorable “Miss you a latte” card! We just  love the use of our Button  Bonanza in Natural on this card!


Justin  says: “When I first saw these buttons, they instantly reminded me of all the  different colors that your coffee can be, depending on how much cream you like  in it! I used a coffee-themed stamp sets that includes some super cute copic colored coffee drinking critters, paired them with a cut-out coffee cup  and coffee bean stenciled background, and then just entirely overwhelmed the  card with the Natural Buttons! I also added 3 little buttons to the sleeve of  the coffee cup to make it appear that the coffee sleeve was knit and fastened  with the buttons! There are so many different button types, colors and sizes in  this pack, that no matter whether you only use a few, or cover the whole card,there’s a button fit for every spot!”


Thank  you, Justin for creating this clever card!

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