MINI Tutorial: I Love You Card

Guest  designer Justin wows us with this “I Love You” Card, just in time for Valentine’s  Day!


Justin  says: “When I saw the Love  Story kit, I just knew it contained all the pieces that I needed to use, to  embellish a big and bold Valentine’s Day card! Using a heart-shaped stencil, I  ink-blended a heart using pink and red dye inks to really give it some  dimension. I heat embossed the sentiment “I Love You” (which, at the end of the  day, is just one of the most classic Valentine’s Day sentiments you can use) in  black embossing powder. Then, using as many of the flat-backed embellishments  in the kit that I could find, I adhered them all over my card! I really loved  the felt hearts included with this set, as it added a different type of  embellishment with a new texture!”


What a sweet card! Thank you again  Justin!

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