MINI Tutorial: Frozen Winter Ice Skates Tag

Bre created this adorable gift tag,  perfect for the winter season. She used one of our latest products SPARKLING  SENTIMENTS and our SPARKLETZ!


Bre says:

“I felt like we all need gift tags for  all the seasons of the year. So, I created a cute winter themed tag using an  ice-skating die set and a snowflake circle die. I layered some little die-cut  pieces behind the skates, to give them more character. I then used a button on  the tied laces/bow to put in the center. I used two little sentiment  wooden pieces in SEN106, to create a sentiment for the tag. To finish it  off, I sprinkled clear rhinestones from the snow  crystals Sparkletz set.


Thank you Bre for this amazing DIY!

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