MINI Tutorial: Slimline Easter Cards with Card Holder

This super cheery and delightful craft  was made by our designer Bre! She created two slimline Easter themed cards,  along with a box to store them in!



Bre says: “I thought it would be  really fun to create a box to hold slimline Easter cards. So, I used a slimlinebox die to create the box and used a slimline layering die to create some cards  to go into the box. For the box I die cut a decorative bow to put on the front  and used a button as the center. I die cut Special Delivery and added foam  adhesive to pop it up. Lastly, I added flower sequins to each corner, in 3's,to finish up the box. For the cards, I used an egg layering die to create a  shaker and made two different mixes for each card. For the card base, I used  white cardstock and a layering slimline die. I die cut a layering piece for the  front of the card, out of a Carta Bella paper collection. To finish off the  cards, I die cut two bows out of some patterned papers from the collection and  added 2 flower sequins to each end of the bow ends.”




How  neat and creative is this? Thanks so much for sharing with us Bre!

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