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Important Tips for Selecting Buttons That You Gotta Know

Daniel HagenmanOct 16, '20

Planning to buy buttons online but not quite sure which ones to buy and which type of buttons are the best suited for your garments? Here, in this blog, we discuss the essential tips that you must consider while buying buttons online from the best online button store.


If the cloth is washable in a machine, then choose a button that is sturdy and can withstand repeated exposure to machine washing. Embellishments or wooden button types may not be able to withstand the force. Check the recommendation by the button manufacturer mentioned in the packaging.

Fabric weight

A small plastic button might not hold in place a heavy or thick fabric. Similarly, a heavy and large button may fit perfectly for a lighter or delicate fabric, but will make the dress droop and sag, and could even break open the stitches. Therefore, select a button that is proportional to the weight of the fabric and is appropriate to the kind of garments you wear.

Testing the Buttonhole

Check the size of the buttonhole. Your needle or thread should fit into the buttonhole smoothly without causing any stress to the holes. If the thread or the needle causes too much stress, then the button might break around the holes, making them ineligible for use. Use the kind of thread and needles that are fit for the cloth and the size of the buttonhole. Doing so will ensure seamless sewing without damaging the button or the cloth.

Holes or Shank

Buttons can be categorized into two types. One type of button is the general flat buttons that contain two to four holes in the center. The other type contains metal loops underneath the buttons, and are called shank buttons.

Flat buttons can be stitched into the cloth. You will need a small needle and thin thread to stitch through the button and fabric. These buttons are used in normal wear garments.

The loops provided beneath the shank buttons give more clearance to the thicker thread to pass underneath while sewing. Shank buttons are usually used in thicker or heavier fabrics that need more sturdy buttons in the front.


The buttons should be visible, and at the same time, they should blend well and fit perfectly with the garment. A button should complement the garment and must not look out of place or balance. You can try experimenting with offbeat buttons or contrasting button types but make sure that they blend well into the garment. If not, then they are the first ones to get noticed by others. So, try out some unique color and style of buttons keeping in mind the fabric and style of your clothing.

There are some additional aspects that you need to consider when you buy buttons online. They are:

  • Button size

The first thing that you must determine while buying buttons online is the right size of the buttons. Buttons are available in different shapes and sizes, and therefore, you must make sure that you select the right size of buttons that suit your garments. Every form of garment, including formal wear or casual wear, has different kinds of button requirements. Make sure you identify your basic requirements before making the final purchase online.

If you were to pick replacement buttons for the original set of buttons, then make sure you select the ones that have a similar style and color tone. It will help you easily replace your damaged set of original buttons.

  • Button Material and Styles

The material used to make buttons plays as much an important role as their style. Here are the different button materials that you can use:

  • Acrylic: These buttons are best suited for outerwear garments or clothes that are exposed to different elements. These buttons are commonly used in jackets and coats.

  • Beaded buttons: These buttons are wonderful embellishments for a glamourous attire. These buttons feature an elaborate design and are created by small beads and have a loop at the back.

  • Braided: Braided buttons provide a unique yet authentic look to the garments. These buttons generally include a winded thread kind of design with a shank-like backing. They are the best fit for sweaters and winter jackets.

Buttons are an important element of clothing. Though small in shape and size, they still hold considerable significance in our everyday clothing. Furthermore, they also perform the most important functions of keeping our garments in place.

These tips will certainly help you choose the right kind of buttons for your garments. If you are searching for the best online button store, then you must visit Buttons Galore & More today.