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Easy DIY Decorated Candle with Buttons & Ribbon!

Alana GempagesSep 13, '17

Hey, y’all! Lorrie here with a fun new DIY decorated candle project that is super easy but makes a great gift!

I’ll admit it – I am a candle addict! I have a ton of them in my own home, plus they are my go-to gift for lots of different people: teachers, co-workers, friends, in-laws. You name them, and they have probably gotten a candle from me! Since I do love giving them, I am always on the lookout for deals on candles, because as much as I love them the one downside is that sometimes they are a little expensive. I have found that after the holidays, lots of stores have great prices on candles. I usually buy several to give throughout the year. But sometimes, those candles can be a little boring. They may be just a plain jar candle, or like I used for this project, just a 3-wick pillar candle. But with a little ribbon and some Pet Shop Button Basics buttons from Buttons Galore & More, these plain candles can go from “meh” to “wow” very quickly!


For this project, I used a plain 3-wick pillar candle, a roll of ribbon, a piece of twine, a hot glue gun, and a Button Basics pack from Buttons Galore. The pack I used is called “Pet Shop” Button Basics, and I love it. The colors are beautiful neutral tones of black, brown, beige, and light blue gray. These colors will match with almost any decor.

To decorate a candle like this, I just cut a length of ribbon to go around the candle, then overlap and hot glue the ends. Then I attach buttons onto the ribbon, again using hot glue. I finish off by tying a length of twine around the ribbon and tying in a bow. That’s it! Varying the colors of the ribbon and the buttons creates completely different looks for your DIY decorated candle.

This DIY decorated candle project is so incredibly easy that you can do several of these at once and have them on hand any time you need a quick gift. The little embellishments make an inexpensive candle into a personalized boutique gift at a fraction of the price!