By Craft Box Girls

Feeling patriotic? Our friends at Craft Box Girls have created a fun and easy DIY project for both adults and kids. Check out this quickie video and the step by step directions below.


12 x 12 Canvas

Blue Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Pencil or Chalk

Black Paint Pen

White Felt or Foam Sheet



Flag Template

"America the Beautiful" Template



Buttons Galore Buttons and Sequins

Paint the entire canvas blue with acrylic paint and let it dry.

Use the flag template to trace it to the white felt or foam sheet. This will be your foundation for the buttons. Cut it out with a scissors.

Glue the flag to the canvas, leaving enough space at the bottom for the message.

Cut and trim the "America the Beautiful" phrase from the printed paper. Flip it over and color the back of the paper with either a pencil or chalk. Flip the right side up and tape down onto the canvas. Firmly trace over each letter with a pencil to transfer the phrase onto the canvas. Peel it off the canvas when completed.

Begin gluing a layer of red, white and blue buttons to the flag cut out. Brush on decoupage in the empty spaces around the message and flag. Place the sequins on the wet decoupage. Add another layer of decoupage on top of the sequins to ensure adhesion.

Allow your canvas to dry completely before displaying. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.