DIY Pie Slice Canvas | Buttons Galore and More

DIY Pie Slice Canvas

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     12x 12 canvas

     Mint Green Acrylic Paint

     Paint Brush

     A Pencil

     Black Paint Pen

     Foam Sheet



     Pie Template

     “Happy Thanksgiving!” Template

     Glue Gun


     Buttons Galore and More Button Sets:


Carnival Orange-BCB118

Chocolate Brown-BCB112



Step One: Paint the entire canvas mint green with  acrylic paint and let it dry.

Step Two: Use the pie template to trace it to the  white foam sheet. This will be your foundation of the buttons. Then cut it out  with scissors.

Step Three: Glue the pie to the top center of the  canvas, leaving enough space at the bottom for the message.

Step Four: Begin gluing a layer of  buttons to the pie  cut out.

Step Five: Cut & trim the “Happy Thanksgiving!”phrase from printed paper. Flip it over and color the back of the paper with  pencil.

Step Six: Flip right side up and place down onto  the canvas. After that, firmly trace over each letter with a pencil to  transfer the phrase onto the canvas. 

The color from the pencil will transfer to  the canvas. Peel it off the canvas when completed.

Step Seven: Using a black paint pen, go over the  transferred message. Let it dry completely.

Step Eight: Allow your canvas to dry completely before  displaying.